Landowner Support

We are currently accepting proposals on a rolling basis.

The Floodplains Reimagined Program has funding resources to distribute to landowners and is looking forward to working with you to develop a planning project. Funding is being provided by State and Federal grants to Reclamation District 108.

Who is eligible?

Landowners who own or manage land and water within the Floodplains Reimagined geographic scope are eligible to request technical assistance including:

Owners of private farms or ranches
Recreational hunting clubs and preserves
NGO landowners
Public Agency landowners
Authorized representatives of landowners

What type of projects are eligible?

Technical assistance funding may be used for the following project types.

Development of project concepts
Proof of concept plans
Preliminary engineering plans
Research studies and pilot studies to inform planning
Development of agreements between landowners and sponsoring agencies

Examples of possible project needs include:

Floodplain reactivation projects
Fish food production
Removal of invasive plants
Coordinated operations plan
Modifying diversion infrastructure and/or operations
Modifying river connection infrastructure and/or operations
Creating new river connections
Reducing negative impacts of shallow floodplain inundation to existing land uses

How do I develop my project?

In order to develop your project with our team, please schedule a meeting with the Program Team to discuss potential concepts. Project development briefing meetings can include multiple landowners who want to develop a technical assistance project together. 

Contact Barry O’Regan to schedule a Floodplains Reimagined project development meeting: or (209) 323-9864.

For more details about technical assistance and to see an example of a project description, read our Landowner Technical Assistance Process and Proposal Memo and Proposal Example.

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